Jasleen Eye Hospital


  Our surgery center uses the most advanced system for cataract removal, the Alcon Infiniti Vision System.
Ultrasound phacoemulsification has long been the industry standard, but the Infiniti features an improved, lower energy ultrasound hand-piece that is lighter and provides greater hand control to the surgeon as well as improved fluidics.

This system offers increased flexibility and greater options for the surgeons
with more control over the lens-removal procedure, which potentially offers the
reduced risk of complications. A major benefit to the patient is the ability to
now perform the procedure in less time. Prior to the Infiniti, patients
with advanced and very dense cataracts expected a more difficult, complicated
removal of the lens, but with the Infiniti, that delayed surgical time has been
eliminated. The shorter surgery time is much healthier for the eye and
potentially causes less swelling to occur to the inside of the eye. Without the
potential complications, the patient can expect a quicker recovery of vision.

The Alcon Infiniti is by far the most efficient system ever developed for
cataract removal, and allows state of the art cataract surgery for our